Nebollio ( Italian Wine Grapes Varietal from Piemont)

Characterisics: Medium body, Acidic, tannic, requires aging to balance tannin with other characteristics. When aged – 10 years sometime – wine reveal other aromas and flavors. (Nebbiolo produces lightly colored red wines which can be highly tannic in youth with scents of tar and roses. As they age, the wines take on a characteristic brick-orange hue at the rim of the glass and mature to reveal other aromas and flavors such as violets, tar, wild herbs, cherries, raspberries, truffles, tobacco, and prunes. Nebbiolo wines can require years of aging to balance the tannins with other characteristics)

Wines made from Nebbolio:

Barolo, Barbaresco, Gattinara, Ghemme.

Food Pairing:

Pairs well with spicy italian food, meat and well aged parmesiab cheese. Osso Buco, Chicken Catatiore,  Pasta with sausage

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