Italian Wine

Two major regionsl Piedmont (Piemonte), Tuscany (Toscana). Denomination: DOC (Denominazione de Origine Controllata), DOCG (Denominazione de Origine Controllata Garantita) – Wine regions (Brunello de Montalcino, Barolo, Barbaresco, Chianti, Valpolicella,…)

Grapr variety: Nebbolio

Tuscany (Toscana) – Central Italy 80 kms from Florence – Dry and hot climate. Famous wines:
Chianti – Chianti Classico wines tend to be medium-bodied with firm tannins and medium-high to high acidity. Floral, cherry and light nutty notes are characteristic aromas with the wines expressing more notes on the mid-palate and finish than at the front of the mouth. As with Bordeaux, the different regions of Chianti Classico have unique characteristics that can be exemplified and perceived in some wines from those areas. According to Master of Wine Mary Ewing-Mulligan, Chianti Classico wines from the Castellina region tend to have a very delicate aroma and flavor, Castelnuovo Berardegna region wines tend to be the most ripe and richest tasting, wines from Gaiole tend to have be characterized by their structure and firm tannins while wines from the Greve area tend to have very concentrated flavours.[2]
Montalcino ( Brunello De Montalcino)
Grape varietal: Sangiovese

Other wine names: Valpolicella,

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