Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng Shui TIPS for  Bedrooms

Find the best bed placement by following the feng shui commanding bed position rules

  • Your bed is physically very close to you, therefore according to feng shui rules, it greatly affects you.
  • find the best place for your bed according to the placement of the main bedroom door (see pictures below)
  • place bed as far from a door as you can.
  • make sure you can see the main door from your bed but don’t be in front of it (see death position – picture C below)
  • make sure the bed’s headboard have a solid wall behind it so you feel secure as well as in command of your own space
  • Simply said, place your bed so you can see when somebody enters the door. Feng shui explains that this will put you in control of your life, you will see new opportunities in your business or “the one” that your heart wants to meet.
  • Another important feng shui bed tip warns that you should never place your bed on the same wall as the main door to your bedroom. If you can’t move your bed to another wall, place a small mirror opposite to the main door so you can see the door in the mirror when you open your eyes (don’t place mirror so you can see yourself while in bed). See picture A below for this Feng Shui bedroom cure.


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