Top Largest Economies GDP by sector

A sectoral analysis of country GDP allows us to understand the paradigm shift now occurring within most world economies. Growth patterns generally show a shift from agriculture to manufacturing and ultimately to the services sector.

The following table shows the percentage of GDP contributed by each sector in the top ten economies of the world:

Country Contribution of Services Sector in GDP (estimated for 2007) Contribution of Industrial Sector in GDP Contribution of Agricultural Sector in GDP
United States of America 78.5% 20.6% 0.9%
China 39.5% 49.5% 11%
Japan 73.3% 25.2% 1.5%
India 55% 28.4% 16.6%
Germany 69.5% 26.9% 0.9%
United Kingdom 75.5% 23.6% 0.9%
Russia 56.3% 39.1% 4.6%
France 77.3% 20.7% 2%
Brazil 64% 30.8% 5.1%
Italy 69.3% 32% 5%

The growth rate of these economies is also an important factor, and is directly related to the overall development of a specific economy. Group of Seven Countries such as the United States, France, Italy and the United Kingdom all typically have smaller growth rates – usually in the region of about 2% per annum.

By contrast, emerging economies such as India and China have growth rates of around 8% to 11%, while the ‘new’ emerging economies may experience even more blistering growth rates. Developed countries have already reached a saturation point, and thus expand less than emerging economies, where possibilities and opportunities are ripe, investors are ready to take risks, and consumers are demanding more goods and services than ever before.

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