Housing market in China

According to our recent research report “China Housing Sector Outlook 2013”, despite a slow start, the Chinese real estate, particularly housing market has developed quickly during the last decade and it has become an important asset class for portfolio allocation of Chinese residents since then.  Industry showed resilience against economic crisis and housing investment remained on course for yet another year of double digit growth in 2009. The research confirmed the bright future outlook of the industry and the industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.6%. Moreover, China will continue to be one of the most investment prone countries in the world. The study identified that, economic expansion was a major reason for the ongoing growth and development. The economy kept a high and stable rate of growth averaging 9.5% per year, resulting in higher disposable incomes and thereby savings. At present, private (ordinary as well as luxury) housing takes the largest portion of the residential property market in the country. It is anticipated that the trend will remain applicable in future also, which will position China as a favorable destination for private sector investments. At the segment front, ordinary housing dominates the Chinese housing industry. As majority of the people in China belong to low or middle class, there has been a huge demand for ordinary housing in the country. Moreover, the government has stepped up its efforts to meet the demand for affordable housing from lower and middle income households in cities. We expect these developments to amplify market attraction and will prove decisive for future market growth. Our report “China Housing Sector Outlook 2013” provides detail analysis of the Chinese housing sectors. It gives thorough insight into each of the housing segments like, ordinary housing, luxury housing, and subsidized Flats. Most importantly, the report also presents future outlook considering the effect of global economic crisis on the housing sector of the country along with base drivers, opportunities, and challenges that are being confronted by the housing sector. A brief overview of major players has also been included to facilitate a balanced research outlook.
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