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Real estate investing in Florida

Florida is set to be one of the bargain hotspots of 2010 for real estate investors with some properties selling for as little as $47 a square foot, according to a new report. As the global recession eases and the … Continue reading

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Public opinion on matters of national importance

An public opinion poll that needs to be paid attention to.  Sixty-one percent of Americans polled would rather see taxes for the wealthy increased as a first step to tackling the deficit, the poll showed. The next most popular way … Continue reading

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List of top export/import product groups

The real estate bubble of 2001-2006 – Causes and effects – Reason # 1 : U.S. trade imbalance United States Exports and Imports Top 12 Export Product Groups 1996 In Millions of US Dollars 1. Electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances … Continue reading

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2001-2007 Real estate bubble causes

During the 1st decade of the 21st century there was a phenomenal growth of international trade. China, as an example, accumulated a surplus of trillions of dollars. They invested most of it in treasury bonds thus lowering and keeping the … Continue reading

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Real estate investment opportunities in California

Top buying opportunities in California : 1. Modesto, California Unemployment Rate: 17.3% Foreclosure Rate: 4.59% 2. Merced, California Unemployment Rate: 18.1% Foreclosure Rate: 4.47% 3. Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, California Unemployment Rate: 14.4% Foreclosure Rate: 4.37% 4. Stockton, California Unemployment Rate: 16.5% … Continue reading

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Real estate investment options

Besides buying single family properties and managing them yourselves there is an alternative option that requires less effort and still bring diversification and sizable ROI. REIT is a trouble free vehicle that provides returns that average double digit returns over … Continue reading

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Good news for investment properties owners

The rental market will be definitely favorable for property owners in 2011. Due to expectation of stagnant real estate values in the years ahead coupled with difficulty in obtaining investment propert loans there will be a peruny of properties available … Continue reading

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Latest real estate news

Mortgage rates are on the rise Home foreclosure at all times high Property values will be depressed for next 10 years

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